Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Absent a daily reminder of definitive proof of the existence of God, it is left to us to speculate on just how we got to the point at which we find ourselves in 2010.

Speculation:  It all started when tribes go too large to control through simple force. 

Leaders were eventually faced with unpopular decisions and they created stories which allowed them to pass responsibility to a force greater than themselves, and, at the same time, creating a class of assistants who were charged with finding and interpreting “reasons” for edicts such as “Don’t eat that great tasting meat.”

Eventually the assistants developed in the shamans who constructed elaborate stories to explain phenomena which affected daily life.

Story-telling utilized a supra-human entity, which had all the strengths and all the foibles of the people of the tribe as well as powers to control various elements of nature.

Give the species a few thousand years, and it all cumulates in organized religion.

But somewhere it went terribly wrong.

They forgot community and went for a literal supra-human.

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