Thursday, November 19, 2015

Duelling Dual Muslims?

Are there two interpretations of Islam in the world today?

Modern Islam and Caliphate Islam?

Does the interpretations pose a problem for non-Islamic people?

If ISIL believes it is the true Islam, if modern Islamic persons believe they have a valid interpretation of Islam, what are the outside observers to do?

If ISIL believes it is the true Islam, then the problem is both more simple and more complicated than first thought.

It’s simpler because we can identify the “good” (not 7th century) Muslems from the bad (7th century).

It’s more complicated because it means the 21st century Muslems will have to become very political and even engage in military efforts against ISIL.

It is more complicated, also, because it means the Shi’a/Sunni divide will have to be eliminated more quickly than it is currently being eroded.

What outsiders can do is virtually nothing. We can encourage the moderns, we can protect ourselves against the caliphates. Only the members of the Islamic faith can solve the problem.

Cheer the moderns; contain the caliphates until they self-destruct--as they must.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's Time

When will monotheistic religions take steps to end sectarian strife?

When will monotheistic religions of "The Book" acknowledge that their scriptures were written at a specific time and for people living in specific circumstances? And the writings should be viewed as Philosophical guides, not laws for modern times.

When will religious educators inform students of, and stress, the metaphorical nature of scripture?

When will All religious leaders condemn violence which is inflicted in the name of the deity?

The time was yesterday. The time is now!