Thursday, November 19, 2015

Duelling Dual Muslims?

Are there two interpretations of Islam in the world today?

Modern Islam and Caliphate Islam?

Does the interpretations pose a problem for non-Islamic people?

If ISIL believes it is the true Islam, if modern Islamic persons believe they have a valid interpretation of Islam, what are the outside observers to do?

If ISIL believes it is the true Islam, then the problem is both more simple and more complicated than first thought.

It’s simpler because we can identify the “good” (not 7th century) Muslems from the bad (7th century).

It’s more complicated because it means the 21st century Muslems will have to become very political and even engage in military efforts against ISIL.

It is more complicated, also, because it means the Shi’a/Sunni divide will have to be eliminated more quickly than it is currently being eroded.

What outsiders can do is virtually nothing. We can encourage the moderns, we can protect ourselves against the caliphates. Only the members of the Islamic faith can solve the problem.

Cheer the moderns; contain the caliphates until they self-destruct--as they must.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's Time

When will monotheistic religions take steps to end sectarian strife?

When will monotheistic religions of "The Book" acknowledge that their scriptures were written at a specific time and for people living in specific circumstances? And the writings should be viewed as Philosophical guides, not laws for modern times.

When will religious educators inform students of, and stress, the metaphorical nature of scripture?

When will All religious leaders condemn violence which is inflicted in the name of the deity?

The time was yesterday. The time is now!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Is Science Revelation?

The relationship between the Church and science is a strange one.

On the one hand, there is no legitimate religious Christian sect which still holds the six 24 hour days of creation to be a fact.

No church still holds that the sun rotates around the earth. Nor does anyone yet believe that the sun "stood still" at the Biblical battle of Jericho.

Why, then, is there such reluctance to have religious organizations accept the sciences of the body and the mind as we have come to know them?

How difficult would it be to acknowledge that the metaphor of a "Father" is a potential for behavioral mischief? If a competent psychologist were to look objectively at some of the attributes imposed upon "God" by writers of the Old Testament, wouldn't the diagnosis be that the Old Testament God was a bit of an egocentric bully with evidence of temperamental pettiness?

At that point wouldn't anyone have to ask, "Why?" Why would God be petty? What need would there be to proclaim the first commandment?

If the answer is, as it surely must be, "None," the reason to the strained relationship between the Church and science begins to clarify--Church is in danger of devolving into irrelevancy, and that devolution could threaten whatever moral underpinnings of human behavior there are which are based on Church teachings.

How to prevent this collapse is the great question for religious leaders.

It needn't be difficult. Just accept that "revelation" is an on-going process and with each forward step in science our understanding of "God" increases and we must adjust to that understanding.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

It doesn't end

Revelation, if there is such a thing, didn't end with the last conversation an angel had with a human being.

Every day, scientists learn just a tad more about their specialties, and with that additional knowledge we understand a little more about the universe in which we live, and that understanding is part of the on-going "revelation."

Reason demands that revelation is on-going.

Respect for the universe demands that revelation is on-going.

The continuing existence of humanity demands that revelation is on-going.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Eleanor McCullen--A Lover? Of what?

Eleanor McCullen has made quite a name for herself. Her little journey to the Supreme Court has certainly stirred emotions across the land.

To watch her television interviews on the day of the oral arguments makes one wonder about the degree of certainty with which she sails forth declaiming "love" several times in the broadcast clip. How can she be so certain that God is on her side in this discussion?

Richard Rodriguez, in Darling, writes: The blasphemy that attaches to monotheism is the blasphemy of certainty. If God is on our side, we must be right. We are right because we believe in god. We must defend God against the godless.” p 46.

"The blasphemy of certainty" is quite a pregnant phrase. It encapsulates the usually unspoken question, "How do we know what God wants? Scripture? Are we sure about that? We are implying that God has never again  "spoken" to believers since the Bible has been closed to change, that words to Muhammed were the last uttered in revelation, that the Torah has existed for three thousand years as the ultimate Word. 

How do we know there has not been revelation since? Can God not add to what has been written? Are we so sure of the silence--that it has been and will forevermore be as it was hundreds of years ago? 

Is is not blasphemous to proclaim that the Divinity has decided enough has been revealed? How does one know the mind of God? 

If it is not blasphemy then it certainly is arrogance.

"Love," Ms McCullen? How can you be so certain?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013



After 3 days of near-catatonic existence, it was time to accept the fact of his determination. It was time to grant permission.

“It’s OK, Bud. Whatever you want to do is OK. It’s OK to let go.

“Susan loves you. Connie loves you. Ann Marie loves you.

“We found your paper; we know your wishes; we’ll do as you asked.

“It’s OK. It’s OK.”

Marlin (Bud) Peck Cruse

August 4, 1932—August 12, 2013.

What an adventure.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Strange logic

This lovely jewel appeared on my Facebook page recently.

Pretty, eh wot?

Ms Griffin's foolish statements aside, one wonders about the tenor and Christian viewpoint of the total posting.

What do people think when they plan postings like this?  While they write copy? What do they think they've accomplished when they post this?

What do others think when they read it and then agree with it to the point that they "share" it with others?

Do "Jesus believers" really think this represents, in any way, the philosophy of Jesus? Does it read like the philosophy of Jesus?

Remember WWJD? Well, how about changing that a little to WWJE--What would Jesus EDIT?

Most of the above, I'd say.

Spread hatred like Muslims (and that's a bit of a generalization) spread hatred? Jesus would say "OK" to that?

Any "Jesus believer" who thinks this particular attack on Ms Griffin is an attack Jesus would endorse doesn't believe in Jesus. That person believes in the most adulterated version of Jesus the contemporary Christianist can manufacture for his own nefarious political ends.

Prayer and reflection, Jesus believers. Prayer and reflection.